Extra Scene in Jaeger’s Point of View–Takes place in the future

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A muffled whimper jerks me from sleep. I open my eyes, taking in the faint light through the blinds. Beside me, Cali’s red-blonde hair lies in a silky mass.



“I hear him,” I say on a yawn. “Whose turn is it?”

“Hmph,” is her reply.

Got it. My turn.

I rub my eyes and swing my feet over the king-sized bed that’s been mine alone for the last five years. Until Cali moved in.

I grab my boxers from the floor where Cali tossed them last night after she seduced me with her legs. We’d just returned from visiting her brother when she took off all her clothes—except for the heeled sandals she’d worn to the dinner party. She knows I have no self-control when she flashes leg like that. Or boob. Okay, any of her flesh gets me going.

I lean over and cover her shoulders with the blanket, kissing what I assume to be her nose. Hard to tell beneath the downy hair. She rolls to her side and snuggles into the bedding.

Another whimper from down the hall pierces the early-morning calm. This one more insistent.

Duty time. Gotta take care of my boy—taking care of my girl goes without saying.

I glance once more at my beautiful sleeping girlfriend, and pull a hoodie on before heading for the spare bedroom.

Opening the door partway, I peek inside.

Chocolate eyes peer back.

“What’s up, Buddy?” I cross to the bed where he sleeps and lift him into my arms, kissing the top of his head. “Did you sleep well? You did so good. Such a good little dude, sleeping through the night.” I carry him out of the bedroom. “Come on. Let’s get you some food.”

Cali named our dog William, but I call him Buddy.

I walk into the kitchen, and Buddy wiggles his long body, licking my arm, the sweatshirt I’m wearing—anything he can reach. I set him on the wood floor and he sniffs around his empty food bowl.

I’d been considering getting a dog for a couple of years. When Cali told me she’d never had a pet that cinched it. She was raised by a single mom, and her mom had vetoed animals, stating she didn’t need one more mouth to feed.

The dog I’d wanted? Mountain dog. The kind that traps beavers with his bare teeth, takes down a mountain lion with his claws.

The dog we got? That would be a wiener dog.

Buddy—or Willy as Cali calls him when she really wants to drive me crazy—was Cali’s idea. She’d squealed when she saw him. “I love him. He’s our baby, Jaeger.”

When she says shit like that, I have no defenses. At least Buddy is a boy.

“You gotta go potty, little dude?”

That gets me a high-pitched puppy woof.

I unlock the front door and open the screen, wrapping my arms around my chest. A foot of Tahoe snow now sticks to the ground. Not full winter, but getting there.

Buddy rounds the corner of the deck where I built him a place to do his business in the cold without getting his paws frozen off.

“Did Willy go potty?” Cali’s sexy, scratchy morning voice comes from behind.

I knew she wouldn’t stay in bed if Buddy was up.

Her hair is sticking up in a poof on one side, flat as a board on the other. She’s wearing my sweatshirt, and it’s so long it drops to her knees. I love it when she wears my clothes.

“Not sure yet. I’m waiting for him to return rocking his happy dance. And babe, you can’t keep calling him Willy. He’s a wiener dog. Let the guy have some self-respect.”

Her gaze drops to the ground, her face lighting up, because Buddy, the traitor, has darted past me to Cali.

“There’s my little Willy. Who’s a pretty boy?” She picks him up, and he licks her face five thousand times. “You’re such a good boy. Yes, you are,” she singsongs. “Do you want some food? Let me refill your water bowl.”

Cali carries the dog into the kitchen and I take a seat at the island, watching her bustle around with Buddy in her arms. She grabs his water bowl and turns on the faucet one-handed while holding our dog-child.

Cali sets Buddy near his food bowl and he chomps on kibble, or whatever the hell specialty dog food we paid a fortune for.

Her nose scrunches as she watches him eat. “Jaeger, I think we need to get him a new collar. One that’s neon, or that has reflectors on it. I know! We could strap a light to him and flick it on when it’s dark out.”

I’ve given up on breaking her of the Willy business, but on this I gotta put my foot down. “Babe, we cannot give him a headlamp.”

She blinks, her brows pinching together, giving me this worried look.

Who am I kidding? Of course I’ll give her what she wants. Because I love her, and she’s concerned about the dog. “We can get him a collar with a reflector,” I say resignedly.

She smiles and wraps her arms around my shoulders, kissing me on the cheek then lowering her head and brushing a soft kiss to my neck.

My arm automatically tightens around her waist. I check the oven clock. It’s not even six a.m. Plenty of time to toss Buddy his chewy toy and return to bed.

Crackle. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

I nuzzle Cali’s throat, and she leans her head to the side, giving me better access. “Let’s go back to bed,” I mumble against her skin.

“What if Buddy needs us?”

“He’ll be fine. He’s eating his kibble.” I grab the chew toy and set it beside Buddy’s bowl. He doesn’t even look up from his food.

That’s right. My dog has a man’s appetite.

Cali looks back as I drag her toward our bedroom. Well, my bedroom technically, but I’d like to change that.

Cali’s been staying temporarily at my place while a friend lives at her house. It was a pretty sweet excuse to get her in my bed every night. Now I can’t imagine not coming home to her. She makes everything in my life brighter.

I pull her inside the bedroom and tug my sweatshirt over my head, tossing it to the side. Her eyes focus on my chest, and her hands reach for my abs . . . so close. I was already in the mood, but those soft fingers roving over my lower stomach just made things urgent.

The sweatshirt she’s wearing is off and over my shoulder in the next second, but she barely notices. She’s too busy tugging down my boxers.

I kick them off and pull her up, wrapping my arms around her until she’s snug against my chest. She fits me perfectly. In every way.

I fall back onto the bed, Cali above me, and she giggles. “Did I crush you?” she says.

I roll my eyes. “Yes, you crushed me with your massive biceps.”

“Hey.” Her mouth pulls into a mock frown. “I am mighty.”

“Well, that’s for damn sure, but you’re about as big as my leg.”

Cali scoots up my body, causing friction, and sending all sorts of inventive thoughts through my brain. I flip her over and jerk the sheets back, pulling them up and over our heads into a bed tent. I kiss her mouth, her neck, making my way down the soft slope between her creamy—

Sniff, sniff, sniff. A wet nose dips into my ear.

I press my shoulder to my ear and turn my head. Buddy’s pink little tongue darts out and licks Cali’s arm. “Buddy, not now, dude.”

“Jaeger.” Cali frowns from above. “He’s going to feel unwanted. You can’t shoe him out of our bed.”

I sigh. “Puppy cockblocker,” I grumble.

Cali laughs and rolls onto her side, snuggling the dog against her chest. He has the best place in the house.

Buddy stands and plants himself on the pillow beside Cali’s head, curling into a ball.

“You think Buddy will let us sleep longer?” she asks, rubbing his ear.

I smile. She probably doesn’t realize it, but she’s been calling him Buddy.

“Nope.” I lie down behind her, wrapping my arms around the both of them.

“That’s okay, little guy,” she coos. “You’re just a baby, aren’t you? You need your mom and dad close.”

The bedroom grows silent, with the exception of the puppy breathing that’s damn loud for such a little body. Must be the long nose. “Stay with me,” I say.

“Huh? In bed? Yeah, too early to get up.”

I clear my throat and try again. “Cali—I want you to stay. Permanently. With me.”

She rolls over, her pale blue eyes searching my face. “Like live here? Permanently?”

Brushing a soft red wisp of hair out of her eye, I kiss her lips and nod.

A slow, sexy smile spreads across her face. She sits up and grabs Buddy beneath his soft belly, setting him gently over the side of the bed. “Buddy, you need to play with your chewy toy.”

Cali climbs on top of me and wraps her arms around my shoulders. “Yes. Love you, love you”—she peppers my face with soft kisses—“I thought you would never ask.”

I deepen the kiss and flatten my hands on her ass, pressing her against my body.

Since the day Cali became a part of my life, I’ve been the luckiest bastard alive

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  1. hope says:

    Really good book, I love it. And this extra part was great, but I think u should add more to it. But great job, keep the wonderful books coming. Thanks so much.

  2. Courtney says:

    Again, can’t get enough! Wonderful series! Thank you!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love the story of Cali and Jaeger! Please write a sequel about them!!

    • Thank you, Lisa! I don’t know if a sequel about Jaeger and Cali is going to happen, but I promise they will make an appearance in the last book of the series, COCKY PRINCE. Jaeger’s past is linked to the heroine 😉

  4. Rhonda says:

    More please !!!!! That was just a tease lol!!! I for the sequel too!!!

  5. Gwen says:

    Love this book

  6. Claudia says:

    I loved this book.. couldn’t stop reading it.. can’t wait to read the rest of the series.. I wasn’t done reading this book when I was searching to add the next book to my collection didn’t want to have to wait.

  7. Anita says:

    Great book..did not want it to end..Love your writing..reading next book in series now..

  8. Tammy Stephens says:

    Totally loved it read the book several times and just found this extra avenue made all the much better after all the crap they went through they deserve all the happiness need thyncan get! Keep up the good work. Thank you!

  9. Terri says:

    You are so talented. Love your books. Please keep writing (possibly) a series of the children of this series. Just a thought.

  10. Linda B. Pittman says:

    When I start reading your books I can’t stop until I finish and then I am sad that I am finish your books. You are an Awesome writer and I can’t wait for the next. Thank you for writing such Amazing books.

    • Thank you, Linda! I should have another for you in June or July. Be sure to sign up for either my reader group/newsletter or the Bookbub “follow” so that you receive an email when the next book come out.

  11. Camille Boley says:

    I absolutely love this couple! Jaeger and Cali are timeless and I could read about their life for a long time.

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