Reader List

Contemporary Romance

Romantic Fantasy

Never Date

Never Date Your Brother’s Best Friend (Book 1)*
Never Date A Player (Book 2)
Never Date Your Ex (Book 3)
Never Date Your Best Friend (Book 4)
Never Date Your Enemy (Book 5)

Halven Rising

Fates Divided (Book 1)*
Fates Entwined (Book 2)
Fates Fulfilled (Book 3)

Cade Brothers

Tempting Levi (Book 1)**
Daring Wes (Book 2)
Seducing Bran (Book 3)
Reforming Hunt (Book 4)


* Cali attended the same college as Elena and visits her in the Halven Rising world! (For contemporary readers who also enjoy magic and fantasy, check out Fates Divided.)

** Levi is the oldest brother of Adam from the Never Date series. Tempting Levi takes off where Never Date Your Enemy from the Never Date series leaves off.