Jules Barnard

Roommate Wars

Having a one-night stand with my sister’s billionaire friend was a mistake… 

But moving in with the reclusive billionaire would be an even bigger problem. 

Besides the unfortunate time we slept together, the only thing Jack Townsend and I have in common is our aversion to serious relationships. 

But after he sees the s***hole I’m living in, he sweetens the offer to stay in his swanky home with the one thing an impoverished government worker like me can’t turn down—free rent. 

He makes it clear he’s not interested—our sizzling night together was barely a blip on his playboy radar. I don’t know if I should be offended or relieved. 

Either way, my heart says no, but my mouth says yes. And my head says it’s not a handout; I’d be helping him around the house. 

One minute I’m washing his designer boxer-briefs, and the next Jack has me pretending to be his girlfriend to ward off the gold diggers.

I don’t need the confusion of a fake relationship, but I could do worse than playing house with a handsome billionaire. Besides, he’s already seen me naked. What could possibly go wrong? 

Roommate Wars is a roommates-to-lovers romance, with a commitment-phobe billionaire and a sassy, independent heroine. This novel is a standalone romance guaranteed to give you laughs, feels, and the grand gestures and happy ending you crave.

“There are not enough words to describe how much I loved this book!” ~ Alisa, BookBub

“Laugh out loud funny and with some surprising twists this is a steamy romantic comedy with a happily ever after that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend to other readers.” ~ LaureLynn, BookBub

“This is a romantic comedy that would do well as a movie. It has all the necessary elements, humor, heart and sex to put you a rollercoaster ride.” ~ Patti, BookBub

“Elise and Jack have the spark of attraction that they both fight back with witty and cutting banter, creative evasiveness and charm.” ~ Patti, BookBub

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