Jules Barnard

Landlord Wars

I found the perfect rental in the overpriced city I can’t quit. My only problem? The arrogant landlord is my new roommate’s best friend.

Max Burrows comes from one of the wealthiest families in San Francisco—and I come from one of the poorest.

We have nothing in common. Max is tall, built, with chiseled good looks, while I struggle to keep stains off my blouse.

Under the guise of spending time with his friend, Max has been known to share embarrassing personal facts to potential suitors and steal my expensive chocolate.

The man is a nuisance. But the more I get to know him, the more I start to wonder if he’s intentionally driving men away from me.

And then I remember that his mother treats me like the help, and his ex-girlfriend is rich and beautiful, and she wants him back.

There is no way our worlds could ever come together. No way a man like that would take me seriously.

But the near kiss in the kitchen has me wondering if the attraction isn’t only one-way.

Landlord Wars is a grumpy-sunshine, cinderella story with a bit of enemies-to-lovers thrown in. This novel is a stand-alone romance guaranteed to give you all the feels, along with the grand gestures and happy ending you crave.


Max slowly reached back, grabbed another chocolate truffle, and popped it in his mouth, chewing it with a glint in his eyes.

All these weeks, he’s known the chocolate was mine? 

He was dead. 

I stormed into the kitchen and pointed my finger in his face. “What kind of rich guy can’t buy his own chocolate?” 

He was smiling and seemed to be holding back a laugh. His expression softened into a look of innocence. “How was I supposed to know your roommate didn’t buy that chocolate for me? He knows I like it.”

I reached up and wrapped my fingers around his muscular neck. “Do you have a death wish?” I wasn’t squeezing hard, but this pretty little rich boy had no shame. He needed to know I meant business.

The humor left his face, and his gaze dropped to my mouth. A second later, I felt the weight of his hands on my hips.

Early Reviews:

“After more than one instance of expensive chocolate thievery, I could definitely resort to violence. Or kissing, but probably violence.” ~ Goodreads Review

“I laughed until I cried and had my heartstrings manipulated in the very best of ways.” ~ BookAddict

“Amusing banter in a slow burn fashion with just a tinge of angst.” ~ Goodreads Review

Cover Design by Amelia Wilde and Jules Barnard

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