Never Date a Player

About the Book

My cheating ex has me swearing off men. Until Lewis comes along, stealing my breath and my good sense.

I’ve never been one to lust after guys. But Lewis is six and a half feet of rugged man, and he’s…eye-catching. Sexy. And silently brooding in all the best ways.

The more time I spend with him, the naughtier my thoughts are of us together, and he’s not helping put a stop to it. It’s infuriating. I’m fantasizing, and lusting, and I can’t remember why I wanted to stay away.

But he carries his own relationship baggage. Baggage that could break me in ways no ex-boyfriend ever did.

Despite all the reasons I shouldn’t get involved, Lewis might be the one man I can’t resist.

This hot, romantic comedy will have you intermittently fanning yourself and laughing at Lewis’s sexy approach at convincing Gen they’re right for each other. Grab Never Date A Player now!


He tugs down his shorts—and goes completely naked.


He glances up. “You can stay in your panties. I’m getting clean… What? I trust you not to grope me.” He grins.


“I may have just found my new favorite NA author in Jules Barnard.”

~ T.H. Hernandez, TH Hernandez.com

“I loved the writing style and Gen’s character voice; she’s so vulnerable but funny and frustrating, and we’re right there in her thought-process, experiencing right along with her.”

~ Lori Palle, Ebook Escapes

“This book is an excellent tale of heartache, bravery, and love.”

~ Amber, Grown Up Fangirl


**Each book in the Never Date Series is a standalone story that can be read in any order.**

Cover Design © Jules Barnard and Tempting Illustrations