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Early Reviews for FATES DIVIDED…

Posted Sep 20 2015

“…an exciting new fantasy adventure series…” – Library Journal

“I need more of this series right now… if you are like me, and have been dying for a new adult paranormal or fae series, this is the one for you!” – Book Briefs

“…an action-packed and intriguing paranormal romance book that touched on the themes of life-changes and forbidden love. ” – EscapeNBooks

“Fates Divided is one of the best PNR books I’ve read so far this year.” – Wicked Babes Blog Reviews

“This novel takes you on an adventure of new worlds, uncharted territory, danger, and romance.” – Books Need TLC

“Outstanding romantic fantasy!!” – I Heart Books

“Derek and Elena make a marvelous team. While trying to save the Fae they gain something in each other that is priceless and beautiful. “– A Closet Full of Books

“Well written, deeply exciting and brimming with romance…” – The Rest Is Still Unwritten

“Fates Divided was a perfect example of new adult, paranormal romance…I highly recommend this to paranormal romance lovers as the story is original and hooks you right from the beginning.” – BookCrushin

“…a MUST READ paranormal romance…” – Whispered Thoughts

“The complex relationship between races was intricate and intriguing, it drew me in and totally captivated me.” – Young Adult Book Madness

“I love me a good paranormal story and this one fits the bill…a unique flare to the Fae and allows the reader to enter a world that is different and intriguing.” – Typical Distractions Book Blog

Library Journal Review of FATES DIVIDED

Posted Sep 1 2015

“…an exciting new fantasy adventure series from Barnard…” ~ Library Journal

New Release… New Genre!

Posted Sep 1 2015


I am happy to announce FATES DIVIDED, the first book in a brand new romantic fantasy series. 


Elena must venture into the Fae world to save the very people who would kill her if given the chance…

Tall and insanely beautiful, the Fae are not the angels they appear. When Elena comes into her half-Fae powers from the mother she never knew, the Fae threaten to harm the last of her loved ones unless she uses her ability to cure their people of a deadly disease.

Her only shot at pulling that off? Enlisting the help of her brooding neighbor, Derek, who rivals the Fae in masculine beauty. 

Derek has seen the Viking-looking guy following his neighbor’s every move. Elena doesn’t know it, but he’s kept track of all his neighbors–possibly paying special attention to the beautiful, brainy girl next door. And when she comes to him for help, he only appears to hesitate. He has secrets of his own to keep, and this business she’s involved in could ruin everything. 

But when Elena and Derek work together, more than chemicals spark fire, and they soon discover just how complicated attraction can get when they find themselves on the other side of the portal, fighting for survival. 

Fates Divided is a captivating twist on forbidden love, with unique world building, seductive romance, and a deadly war among Fae that will make your heart pound. 

*Each Halven Rising novel features a unique set of characters and can be read as a standalone, but every book is part of an overarching story that connects the series.

**Intended for mature readers 18+ due to language, mild violence, and sexual situations. 


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Deep Blue (Blue Series, #1)

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NEVER DATE YOUR EX and NEVER DATE A PLAYER are iBooks Bestsellers!

Posted Jul 13 2015

NEVER DATE A PLAYER is #73 on the iBooks Romance bestsellers list and NEVER DATE YOUR EX is #134, woohoo!

NEVER DATE A PLAYER is #88 on the iBooks Romance Best Sellers List

Posted Jul 10 2015

NEVER DATE A PLAYER Featured on iBooks Five-Star Romances!

Posted Jun 7 2015

Library Journal Review of NEVER DATE YOUR BEST FRIEND

Posted May 15 2015

“…a winner that shines among the glut of new adult romances.”

~ Library Journal, Review of NEVER DATE YOUR BEST FRIEND (previously title: Blue Streak)

Full Verdict:

“The first-person narration that alternates between the protagonists’ voices grants the reader an intimate view into the feelings of Barnard’s characters. If this series continues to be as strong as this entry, readers will have found themselves a winner that shines among the glut of new adult romances.”

~ Library Journal, Review of NEVER DATE YOUR BEST FRIEND

NEVER DATE YOUR BEST FRIEND Hit Top #100 for Romance Short Reads

Posted Apr 23 2015


“I enjoyed this standalone novella so much I downloaded book one to start at the beginning.”

–Theresa, I Heart Books

“From the time I opened the story on my kindle to the very end I was engrossed in Nessa and Zach’s story.”

–Tobi, Forget the Housework, I’m Reading

“Loved this novella so much! It had the perfect balance of heat, humor and sweetness.”

–Author of the Dearest Series, Lex Martin

Library Journal Review of NEVER DATE YOUR EX

Posted Jan 9 2015

“…the new wrinkles revealed about the casino are a real surprise and will keep series readers interested and wanting to know more.” — Library Journal


Posted Nov 30 2014

“This series keeps getting better and Jules Barnard continues to prove herself over and over again. She is forever on my favorites shelf!” — Typical Distractions

“This has been my favorite book in the series. Loved being able to see how everyone from the series is moving on together.” — Sassy Girl Books

“Jules Barnard writes an emotionally driven story with romance, heartbreak and family hardships. I looked forward to reading the rest of the series.” — Seeing Night Reviews

“Touches on the theme of unconditional love and the fact that no matter what, family doesn’t always have to be blood relatives.” — The Phantom Paragrapher

“This story of Mira and Tyler is one filled with misunderstandings, heartbreak and passionate love. I thought the characters were well defined, and the book flowed through the plotline seamlessly. A sprinkling of danger, powerful punches of lust were what held my interest throughout the book.” — Deliciously Wicked Books