Cocky Prince

About the Book

He was born into wealth.

And he lords his power over this town.

He doesn’t remember how he helped ruin Hayden’s life.

Now she’s returned with a degree and a backbone to take on her dream job at Blue Casino. She doesn’t count on the dark secrets the casino hides. Or that Adam has a hand in them.

If she wants to keep her job, Hayden will need to get close to Adam—the man standing for everything she’s fighting against.

The sexual banter is thrilling and the meaty plot will keep your eyes glued to the page. Grab Cocky Prince now!


**Each book in the Men of Lake Tahoe series is a standalone story that can be read in any order.**

“Barnard brings readers back to her Blue Casino setting, where both characters full of depth and meaty plots reside. Her latest is another winner.” 

~ Library Journal

“The sexual chemistry is off the charts hot and their banter is hilarious.”

~ Maine Book Momma

“Tempers flare and sparks fly in this enemies to lovers tale.”

~ Kris, Amazon Reviewer


Cover photograph © Curaphotography/Depositphotos

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