Landlord Wars

About the Book

I found the perfect room to rent in the overpriced city I love. The price? Cheap! The location? To-die-for. The only problem? The landlord.

My new roommate’s best friend is the owner, Max Burrows, aka gazillionaire real estate mogul with a rod up his—well, you get the picture.

Max is tall, built, with chiseled good looks some women might find attractive. Unfortunately, he’s a complete jerk who likes to annoy me to death with his brutal honesty every time he visits my new roommate.

Yes, I know my clothes are too baggy.

Yes, I realize my hair is a rat’s nest in the morning.

And yes, I tend to leave coffee mugs all over the house. His point?

Max has also been known to interrogate my dates and eat my chocolate. The chocolate is the last straw.

But he does own the building…

It’s a sticky situation.

I might kill Max, or I might kiss that mocking smile off his face.

But I refuse to move out.