Reforming Hunt

What They're Saying...

Laughs, steam, forgiveness, healing, secrets, and second chances” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“There were parts that made me laugh and then parts that warmed my heart.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“This is a definite must read, you will not be disappointed!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Such a wonderfully written storyline.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Fun humor, entertaining storyline and lots of teasing tension!” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Player with a Hero complex + single mom = hot little love story~ Amazon Reviewer

“Jules Barnard has done such an amazing job on this series and especially on Reforming Hunt. The depth of her characters and their emotions come through so strong.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“There’s so much emotional depth to this story, and it’s exquisitely drawn out…” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“I really can’t say enough good things about this series. These Cade boys just grabbed my heart.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“A quick but emotional read with plenty of drama, romance, and sweetness.” ~ Novel Nerd Faction

“Beautifully written story which had me totally captivated” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Addictive page turner” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“The Cade brothers series is always an absorbing read.” ~ Goodreads

“Who doesn’t love a playboy that loses his heart to a smart, sweet and hard working single mom?” ~ Red Hatter Book Blog

“A fantastic mix of swoon, sweet, and drama…one heck of a good read” ~ Red Hatter Book Blog

“There’s no way you can resist sexy as AF, playboy extraordinaire Hunt Cade.” ~ Goodreads

“I absolutely love the brothers in this series” ~ Goodreads